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Books on movies written from a Christian standpoint often discuss Hollywood’s messages without teaching readers how to evaluate movies themselves. The Message Behind the Movie (Moody Publishers) seeks to accomplish this, as well as instruct believers in what to do about those messages. Readers will be able to understand the basics of movie interpretation, identify and interpret key ideas, and provide an uncomplicated defense of the Christian message. In a fun and approachable style, The Message Behind the Movie will help enable you to wisely engage a film and the culture without disengaging your faith.

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The basic outline of the book follows from its two-fold purpose of teaching how to objectively understand the messages of movies and how to evaluate these messages according to the Christian faith.

ACT ONE deals with understanding how movies communicate their message. First, we look at whether or not movies are ever good for one’s faith (ch.1). Next, we look at the specifics of movie interpretation. Movies communicate through a variety of means and if we do not understand the standards that filmmakers are working within we can easily misunderstand their intentions. Once we learn what to look for in a story (ch.2) we turn to how stories are told through film (ch.3). Then we focus in on how specific movie elements contribute to the message of the story, including stylistic features (ch.4), and background elements (ch.5). Finally we see how all these come together to form one coherent message (ch.6).

ACT TWO concerns evaluation and critique of a movie’s message from the standpoint of the Christian faith. Specifically we discuss how movies communicate messages of salvation (ch.7), the knowability of truth (ch.8), the existence of God (ch.9), and the Bible itself (ch.10). In each chapter space is devoted to describing and defending the Christian faith as it relates to these messages.

ACT THREE wraps it all up with a section on movie selection for believers. Commonly misunderstood verses used to decry any and all movie viewing are dealt with, and some general principles are suggested for choosing when to watch and when not to bother (ch.11).